The Contribution Of Famous Male Opera Singers

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Opera is an interesting form of art in which singers and musicians perform a dramatic work, including text and musical score in a theatrical setting. Being an opera artist is very complicated, but challenging and beautiful at the same time. Opera is a complex field as incorporates scenery, acting, as well as dance and special costumes. The shows are accompanied by a smaller musical ensemble or by an orchestra. This incredible form of art started in Italy at the end of the 16th century, but then it spread in other countries such as Germany, France, England and many others. The 19th century is also known for incredible and very successful opera shows and styles. “Opera” is an Italian word meaning “work” or “labour”. One of the most obvious changes in opera is the development of atonality. Throughout time, this form of art had many styles and changed gradually, but its value remains amazing. A few of the most famous male opera singers were Richard Wagner, Puccini, Claude Debussy, Antonin Dvorak, George Friedric Handel and many others.

A difference between the 20th century opera and the opera from the past consists of the use of smaller orchestras, as well as the emergence of contemporary historical operas and re-telling contemporary plays, stories such as Nixon In China, Doctor Atomic, Dead Man Walking, as well as Anna Nicole. Male singers can be classified as bass-baritone, bass, tenor, counter-tenor and tenor, while females are classified as mezzo-soprano, soprano and contralto. One of the international opera singers were Farinelli and Senesino, as well as Anna Rinzi, Faustina Bordoni and Francesco Cuzzoni.

A few of the most famous male opera singers over the late years are Alfredo Kaus, Maria Callas Montserrat Caballe, Birgit Nilsson, Beniamino Gigli, Luciano Pavarotti, as well as Placido Domingo, Jose Careras, Franco Corelli and many others. These famous male opera singers had an incredible contribution to this wonderful and very valuable form of art. Today, operas are transmitted to cinemas and theatres and are also presented through HD cinema projectors. The Internet affects the way people watch opera because they don’t attend the shows anymore as they can watch them online. Plus, one of the main plans is to attract younger audience and many operas do that by offering them discounts.

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Famous Male Opera Singers – Jussi Bjorling

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One of the most famous male opera singers is Johan Jonatan “Jussi” Bjorling. He has entered this category of singers due to his amazing performances and unique tonalities. Ever since Jussi Bjorling was little, he was strongly influenced by his father’s role in the musical field. With such a reputed vocalist in the family, the young boy was bound to grow into this domain as well. Jussi Bjorling started out his singing career at a very young age, which eventually lead him to be among the famous male opera singers today. The first stage appearance he made was in the Bjorling Male Quartet at the age of four.

Jussi Bjorling began a professional opera career in 1930. Due to the first part he was involved in, the singer was immediately noticed by the musical field power houses and made a statement of his great talent on stage. Playing the role of a lamplighter in Manon Lescaut, Jussi Bjorling was already bound to be one of the most famous male opera singers of his time. The first stage he came up on was in Stockholm at the Royal Swedish Opera. During the 1940s and until the 1950s, the singer was one of the leads in the performances held at the Metropolitan Opera. This particular part of his career placed him on the list of the famous male opera singers. The roles that made him a household name in the opera field where in the representations of Italian and French productions. The amazing tenor voice of Jussi Bjorling consolidated his statue as a part of the category of famous male opera singers in the world. Some of the productions in which he was featured were: Rigoletto, Pagliacci, Faust, Romeo and Juliet, La boheme and so on.

As one of the most famous male opera singers, Jussi Bjorling was introduced in same category with Jose Carreras and Luciano Pavarotti. In order to keep his stand as a famous male opera singers, among these great names, Jussi Bjorling participated in numerous international performances. His talent was most appreciated and made him entitled to become one of the famous male opera singers.  

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Famous Male Opera Singers – José Carreras

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There are many famous male opera singers in the world, who have made history with their fantastic voices and their fabulous concerts. Some of the most famous male opera singers are Enrico Caruso, José Carreras, Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, Andrea Bocelli, Modest Menzinsky and José Carreras. While all these famous male opera singers are renown worldwide, José Carreras is definitely one of the most talented and successful ones.

José Carreras was born on December 5, 1946, in Sants, a working class district from Barcelona. He was born Joseph, the Catalan version of José. Even since early childhood his talent was noticed and it made José Carreras one of the promising tenors of the world. It came as no surprise thus that he constantly felt the need to express himself through music. He used to sing to passengers, customers of his mother’s shop, to his family, to basically everyone he met. When he was only 8 years old José Carreras gave his first public performance, on the Spanish National Radio. Then, at the early age of 11, he made his debut in Barcelona’s opera house, singing a boy soprano role. In that moment, the entire audience knew that José Carreras was about to become one of the most famous male opera singers in the world.

After that he continued to study music and his career progressed rapidly. By the age of 24 he had already sung the tenor lead in 24 different operas, both in Europe and North America. The 90s turned out to be José Carreras’ best years and there was no longer any doubt that he had become one of the most famous male opera singers. Together with two other famous male opera singers, Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti, he formed the Three Tenors concept, which brought them a fame that no one could have ever imagined. José Carreras performed with other important artists of our times, like Diana Ross and Sarah Brightman, and even though in 2009 he announced his retirement from the opera world, José Carreras remains one of the most famous male opera singers and his legacy will linger forever.

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Placido Domingo – A Truly Talented Male Opera Singer

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There’s no denying Placido Domingo’s talent. Not only does he have a long legacy as a tenor, but he is also an accomplished conductor.

Placido Domingo’s Roots

Domingo was born in 1941. He jumped into the professional opera world at the ripe young age of 16. One of the reasons his talent was identified at such a young age is because his parents ran a zarzuela company. Over the next 5 years, not only was Domingo accepted into Mexico’s National Opera, but he also played the lead in an opera and undertook multiple performances in the United States.

Placido took the stage at New York’s Metropolitan Opera at the age of 27. He has now opened this opera an astonishing twenty-one times, which is more than any other opera singer.

Transitioning to a Conductor

While Domingo has continued as an opera singer, this alone wasn’t enough to keep him occupied. He conducted for the first time in 1973. Less than a decade later, Placido’s career took another leap when he collaborated on a song with John Denver.

The 90s saw his status continue to rise. He performed at events such as three different World Cup Finals through the 90s.

Placido also performed during the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. He would once again perform at the Olympics in 2008.

Domingo has produced an extensive catalog of CD and DVD recordings. These recordings have played a part in securing 9 Grammys.

Although Placido had to undergo colon cancer surgery in 2010, the future seems bright given his LA Opera contract is slated to run through 2013.

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Andrea Bocelli

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There are many famous male opera singers as well as talented singers who are not quite as famous as they could be just yet. In life and in culture there is only room enough to have a few of the best people at any one subject otherwise if everyone was a great opera singer then opera itself would no longer hold the same meaning. Andrea Bocelli is one of these singers who has strived to be one of the greats and his fan base will tell you first hand that he is somebody who makes a great opera singer from is passion and his soulful singing.

Born in 1958, Andrea is an Italian opera singer which in many countries may be a little bit of a stereotype however after hundreds of years of producing great opera singers Italy is famous for just that reason, plus a few other irrelevant reasons. Some interesting facts about Andrea is that he was born with poor eyesight however this was made worse later in life at the early age of twelve years old. After the accident he lost the permanent use of his site and became totally blind.

One of his biggest selling albums was the Sacred Arias album that became his biggest seller in 1996 selling over five million copies worldwide. These sales alone were a terrific feat for one opera singer alone and this in itself helped his career to rocket past the point of the average opera singer who was just another one of the crowd.

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Luciano Pavarotti

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Luciano Pavarotti was an exceedingly well-known opera singer over the last century, and many people would consider his name synonymous with opera. He was born in Italy in 1935 and began his career in 1961 as a tenor in Italy, before making his first international experience in Serbia. From here, he went from strength to strength and sang in opera houses in Barcelona, Budapest, Ankara, London, Vienna and the Netherlands to name but a few. He became famous for what is described in music as the ‘upper register of his tone’ which allowed him to sing beautiful notes.

Interestingly, opera singing, and especially as tenors, was something that ran in the family as his father was an amateur tenor. Pavarotti has always described his dad as having a ‘fine’ tenor voice, but apparently couldn’t make it as a professional tenor due to ‘nervousness’. Pavarotti also had a humanitarian side to him and has seen him raise large amounts of money for several UN causes. Every year he hosted the ‘Pavarotti and Friends’ annual charity concert in his home town of Modena, Italy. He invited singers from all over the world such as Bryan Adams, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Elton John, Sting, Bono, Queen, the Spice Girls and Bon Jovi who all helped to raise money for charity with him. He also worked a lot with Diana, Princess of Wales on the topics of trying to eliminate land mines and was appointed the UN Messenger of Peace in 1998 where he used his international fame to raise awareness for many UN causes.

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Famous male opera singers

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There are so many cultural activities that you can do when you are traveling or even when you are staying at home because just about every country in the developed world has some kind of opera theatre or place where you can go to see such as event. Singers like Pavarotti and his friends the Tenors were spectacular in their day and are still loved by many people who enjoy the sounds of the opera on their stereos each day. Live music is said to always be the best however when the record companies make remakes of the old classics so that the voices and instruments can be clearly heard then it is worth paying the extra money to buy this quality. Jose Carreras is another vey famous opera singer who like the others has reached his fame from pure talent. These men have such unique and toned voices that they will go down in history as the greats of our age.

The opera itself is generally a story that is told by the singer where the music brings mood and soul into the song. Through a complicated mixture of rhythm and melody the magic that is opera comes out for everyone to enjoy. From the humble beginnings in Italy the opera singers of all countries now strive to be the very best including those new comers from Ireland. Their music and voices are enough to inspire great crowds of people to listen to the journey that they are telling. Not every man has the talent involved to be one of the best opera singers in the world which is the only way you will make a decent living out of this career choice. On the other hand there are may amateurs who do it for the pure pleasure rather than striving for the big dollars at the top.

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Male Voice Classifications

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Male voices of opera singers are classified into the following; Countertenor, Tenor, Baritone, and Bass. Countertenor refers to the highest male voices. Most singers that are called countertenors sing in the falsetto register and sometimes use the modal register for the lowest notes. There is evidence that countertenor is also designated for very high tenor voices. This is similar to the leggiero tenor or tenor altino. Historically, until around the 1830′s all male voices used some falsetto type voice production in their upper range. The sub types of countertenors including Sopranist or male soprano, Haute-contre and the modern castrato.

A Tenor is the highest male voice that is within the modal register. The tessitura of the tenor voice lies above the baritone voice and below the countertenor voice. The Legggiero tenor has the highest tessitura of all the sub types of tenors. Tenors are divided into different sub categories based on their range, vocal color, and the weight and dexterity of their voice. The sub categories are; Leggiero tenor, Lyric tenor, Spinto tenor, Dramatic tenor and the Heldentenor.

Baritone is the most common type of male voice, and although this voice overlaps both tenor and bass voices the tessitura of a baritone is lower than the tenor and higher than the bass. The subtypes for Baritones are Lyric baritone, Bel Canto baritone or Coloratura baritone, kavalierbaritone, Dramatic baritone, Verdi Baritone, Baryton-noble and Bariton Martin. The Bass is the lowest male voice. The bass has the lowest tessitura of all the voices in Opera. The subtypes for those in the bass range include; Basso Profondo, Basso Buffo or Bel Canto Bass, Basso Cantante, Dramatic Bass and the Bass-baritone.

Classifying a voice is very important. Classification is used as a guiding tool for the development of the voice. A misclassification can be responsible for damaging the vocal cords. This can shorten a singing career, and more importantly lead to the loss of free vocal production. Damage may takes months or years to appear. Singers can develop bad habits that can cause irreparable damage to their voices based on a misclassification.

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Famous Male Opera Singers

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Opera is like musical production where the singers and musicians perform dramatic works that combine works, libretto and the music. Opera is a classical music performance style that is from the West. Opera includes acting, costumes and scenery props and will sometimes include dance. Opera is usually performed in an opera house. Opera’s usually require an orchestra.

Opera first originated in Italy in the sixteenth century. It became a popular entertainment and spread all around Europe. Many forms of Operatic production sprung up with countries trying to establish their own styles. Italian opera continued to be the most popular, dominating the opera houses of Europe during the eighteenth century. France was the exception, with composers like Handel making the local opera more popular. The most well known of the late eighteenth century opera composers is Mozart; he is most famous for his comedies in the opera.

The nineteenth century saw the pinnacle of the bel canto style of opera. Many of the works created are still regularly performed today. It was also the beginning of the Grand Opera, and the golden age of opera. Operas from this time are dominated by Wagener and Verdi. Opera continued to be popular. In the twentieth century we see many experiments with modern opera styles. Atonality and serialism, nieoclassicism an minimalism all impact on opera styles and trends. With the advent of recording technology more people can now enjoy opera and even those who with never go to the opera can appreciate its wonderful powerful sound. These days’ operas are written with television and radio as a main focus to the writing and set design so that the audience will gain the best experience from home.

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Famous Male Opera Singers

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We all like to listen to the classics now and again to really get away from life for a while; and why not when we work so hard and deserve a relaxing break of Bach or Opera depending on your likes and dislikes. Some of the more famous opera singers are modern day talent that has unraveled from centuries ago. There is even a thought that these men have been chosen to represent their god given talent through unifying together like the Three Tenors or the traveling seven Irish Opera Singers. Mozart was one of the great opera singers but even he could not do what was necessary without the help of the band or orchestra which played for the opera singers.

Thousands of years ago during the darkening part of the cooling evening the Roman people would gather at the Coliseum for the evening entertainment which would often be an opera or play of sorts. Depending on what the mob liked would determine who would last and who would be the next feed for the lions. Pavarotti is one Tenor that made it famous in the 21st century although unfortunately died in 2007 leaving some very upset fans behind. Being a big man he died of a heart attack however he was able to touch the hearts of many people all around the world.

Pavarotti was one of the three tenors until his untimely death leaving Domingo and Carreras behind to fill his place. These three men traveled to dozens of countries around the world to sing for vast audiences in opera houses and other concert halls which seated just a small personal crowd or thousands of people in a stadium style opera. The opera singers where featured in one of the many Seinfeld TV shows where one of Seinfeld’s friends is trying to get Carreras autograph. It was a great way to advertise for the opera singer as well as making another great episode for Seinfeld.

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